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Costa Rica
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One of the largest and most respected law firms in Central America, Arias has 78 years of experience providing accurate and timely solutions based on clients’ goals, a great team of professionals, award-winning client service and unparalleled innovation to the region’s legal market.

Arias is a full-service law firm able to provide advice in over 30 practice areas; with a legal team of 35 Partners and more than 130 lawyers through their 7 offices across all Central American countries, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama, Arias reaffirms its commitment to continue serving clients with a strategic vision, generating value that allows clients to reach and surpass their objectives. Helping them in a unique approach, by having all their regional legal matters tendered by a single contact. They are truly, integral partners who clients can trust.

Arias offers an extensive practice experience in Antitrust/Competition Law, serving the needs of our clients, both locally and internationally, while addressing the issue in an integrated matter.

Among the issues we address are:

  • Concentrations
  • Punitive administrative procedures related to competition issues
  • Research regulator
  • Compliance and training

Our team is led by Andrey Dorado, partner with vast experience in the field.


Carillo, Alberto

Dorado, Andrey

Varela, Tracy