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Allende & Brea Compliance and Investigation department is formed by senior lawyers specialized in each of the most relevant industries, such as Antitrust, Healthcare, Environmental, Intellectual Property & Technology, Mining, Regulated Markets, Banking and Insurance practices. The firm also advises clients, both locally and regionally, in investigations and anticorruption litigation.

Our  Compliance and Investigation practice includes assistance in:

  • Providing legal advice on Argentine law related matters and the effects that certain conducts may have regarding FCPA and other foreign law regimes.
  • Providing legal advice to banks and insurance companies in compliance related matters, in fraud, anti-money laundering and securities regulation, also dealing with  regulatory law, and healthcare issues.
  • Providing legal advice on internal investigations.
  • Providing strategic advice about fraud, anti-money laundering and securities regulation
  • The develop of legal strategies for structuring and implementing compliance programs and policies in both domestic and foreign companies’ subsidiaries of different industry sectors.

Allende & Brea team of professionals is also specialized in the training and application of good corporate practices and ethics for all the industries that relate to our clients.

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David Gurfinkel
David Gurfinkel
Head of Compliance
Band 2


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David Gurfinkel

David Gurfinkel

Head of Department

Morena Del Río