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We give market-leading advice to clients, wherever in the region our clients need it. It’s one thing to be a firm with offices in each Central American country, it is another thing to be able to combine that regional experience with a method of practice to become a truly Central American practitioner, and in turn, a Central American law firm. At Aguilar Castillo Love, this is what we do.

We have been handling regional work, regularly, consistently and successfully since the firm’s inception. Our lawyers hold key information in specific areas of specialization as well as in their local jurisdictions and – leveraging their regional experience – are able to apply a regional perspective to any matter. This role generates a lot of value for clients because of the broad mindset. In addition, this approach saves money for the client as it often reduces the need to consult locally, unnecessarily.

With offices in Ecuador and strong networks across Latin America, we have the capacity to work beyond Central America, including in the Caribbean and South America.

We represent large Central and Latin American multinationals as well as the most recognized global companies operating in the region, advising across all corporate matters, from day-to-day concerns to business-critical mandates.


Aguilar Quesada, John

Alfaro, Carlos

Carrión Blandón, Thelma

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