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Norway Aquaculture and Fisheries
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The fisheries and aquaculture industry is one of Norway’s main export industries, and aquaculture production has increased steadily for several decades. We assist with safeguarding client assets in an industry which is subject to strict regulation and which is highly susceptible to the vagaries of domestic and international politics.

Thommessen has for several decades advised the fisheries and aquaculture industry on all areas of commercial law that affect industry players. We have extensive experience of, and specialist expertise on, the acquisition and divestment of companies, licences, IPOs, financing, negotiations, contracts and reorganisations in the sector. We also assist on issues relating to government regulation and on matters such as location decisions, joint operating agreements and decisions, as well as legislation and regulation processes.

Our lawyers also have extensive litigation experience from cases involving public law and patent law issues which require special industry insight and experience.

In-depth industry knowledge is required to advise clients throughout the value chain. Our team is strongly committed to keeping abreast of any changes in the regulatory framework that affect the industry. We thereby ensure that our advice serves to generate value for our clients in the long run.

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Aquaculture and Fisheries

Mons Alfred Paulsen
Mons Alfred Paulsen
Head of Aquaculture and Fisheries
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Camilla Bergby

Daniel-André Hansen

Ingeborg Johansen Morken

Ivar Strandens

Lars Eirik Gåseide Røsås

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Mons Alfred Paulsen

Head of Department

Rune Ulriksen Steinsland

Thomas Frølich

Trond Hatland


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