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Litigation is a fully integrated part of our firm’s legal practice and is handled by lawyers who are specialists in the relevant field of work, not by a “general litigation department”. We are one of Norway’s firms with the largest number of lawyers admitted to the Norwegian Supreme Court, and therefore have the capacity to litigate cases at all levels of the judicial system.


Our dispute resolution team is unique in comparison to other law firms in Norway because we can tailor each team to meet the needs of our client. We are known as one of the leading procedural firms in Norway, inter alia due to the number of our key cases that have set legal precedence.


A large proportion of our lawyers act as litigators on a regular basis. We are frequently appointed in arbitration cases, as counsel or arbitrator. We also have experience with high profile financial crime cases, such as tax evasion, corruption and insider trading cases.


Recently we have provided legal assistance in a number of professional liability cases against or for other law firms, 

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Dispute Resolution

Frode Innjord
Band 1
Alex Borch
Alex Borch
Head of Dispute Resolution
Band 3


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Aleksander Bergby Henriksen

Alex Borch

Alex Borch

Head of Department

Aslak Førde

Christian B. Hjort

Christian Dahl Aaser

Claude A Lenth

Einar Engh

Erik Gjævenes

Finn Magne Prydz

Gunn Cecilie Ringdal

Heddy Ludvigsen

Henrik Boehlke

Julie Kjeldseth

Jørn A Uggerud

Kristian Korsrud

Kristian Brandt

Kristin Bjella

Kristin Veierød

Head of Department

Lars Christiansen

Liv Zimmermann

Mariann Andersen

Mikkel Toft Gimse

Monica Syrdal

Nils Christian Langtvedt

Ole Kalvø Johnstad Iversen

Pål Sverre Hernæs

Ramborg Elvebakk

Rolf Chr Trolle Andersen

Rune Mykkeltvedt

Sigve Braaten

Svein Holden

Thomas Alnæs

Vegard A. Fiskerstrand

Øivind K Foss


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Barco NV and Barco Fredrikstad AS

Boreal AS


Den Norske Kirke

Edison International SpA

Finnmark Estate Agency

IDHair A/S

Mo Industripark AS

Mosseregionens Eiendomsutvikling AS

Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment

Norwegian Nurses Association

Peab AS

Repsol Norge AS

The Norwegian Pensioners' Association



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Civil dispute resolution - companies and businesses

Civil dispute resolution - private individuals

Commercial disputes

Competition law


EU/EEA law

Employment law

Enterprise penalties

Environmental law

Financial and enterprise crime

GDPR and privacy law

Intellectual property rights

Major litigation

Media and Entertainment

Public procurement

Real estate

Renewable Energy

Technology and digitalisation