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ABV Solicitors are one of the leading criminal firms in the country instructed to represent clients nationally and internationally. 

A team of highly regarded and dedicated lawyers work hard to achieve the best possible outcome when defending clients against allegations investigated and prosecuted by various agencies such as the Police, NCA, Trading Standards, HMRC and Local Authority. The Department has strong links to leading Barristers, Queens Counsel and Forensic Experts in the field of Criminal Law. 

The Department has an excellent reputation for providing high quality representation covering the full spectrum of criminal offences. 

Our areas include: 

  • Murder, Manslaughter & Corporate Manslaughter
  • War Crimes
  • Terrorism
  • Sexual Offences
  • Large scale drugs conspiracies
  • Extradition
  • Violent Crimes
  • Offences of Dishonesty 


Ahmad, Akhtar (Head of Department)

Borwick, Robert (Head of Department)

Anderson, Claire

Blackburn, Tom

Brill, Paul

Gill, Lara

Godhania, Hanisha

Hashmi, Zaki

Hawkes, Martin

Hewitt, Claire

Iqbal, Iram

Mehta, Sunita

Verma, Rishi


Murder & Manslaughter

Offences of Dishonesty

Serious Drugs

Serious Organised Crime

Sexual Offences


War Crimes