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Abe, Ikubo and Katayama has extensive expertise in corporate business restructuring and has successfully dealt with numerous large-scale and complex insolvency cases. 

We have been involved in all facets of legal insolvency and restructuring procedures as counsel or court-appointed administrator for the petitioner company. (e.g. Japan Airlines, Sogo Department Store etc.)

In addition, we advise creditors, sponsors or funds and are involved in negotiation in a phase of business restructuring and bankruptcy. 

Recently, some partiers of AIK focus on representing debtor companies and work as expert advisors for the Small & Medium Enterprises Revitalization Support Council to help numerous small and medium-sized companies throughout the nation with restructuring and business succession by utilizing various procedures available from the Support Council.

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Eiji Katayama
Eiji Katayama
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Provided by Abe, Ikubo & Katayama

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