Young arbitrator Violeta Saranciuc joined an online interactive talk, organized by Club Español del Arbitraje Romania Chapter, about study opportunities & specialized post-graduate programs, networking, and career in international arbitration.

Violeta Saranciuc, Managing Associate ZRVP, shared together with Iuliana Iancu (Partner, Hanotiau & van den Berg, Bruxelles) and Andreea Nica (Lawyer with the Bucharest and Geneva Bar), some advice as to which skills and experiences may help find a job, launch a career in international arbitration and make a name in the international arbitration community.

Main points of discussion focused on tips on:

  • Legal skills needed as an indispensable basis for success;
  • Proficiency in foreign languages – crucial in international dispute resolution;
  • Employers in international arbitration;
  • Specialized post-graduate programs in international arbitration – competitive advantage or mandatory study?
  • Gaining experience by observing more senior lawyers;
  • Networking opportunities, gaining visibility and building a personal brand in international arbitration.
  • Watch the webinar here: