The firm name, Eversheds Sutherland Wierzbowski Sp. k., will be used in formal documents. In marketing and press materials the firm will use the abbreviated name and the logo Eversheds Sutherland, which is currently known on global scale. Apart from the “shorter” logo, the name change will not cause any revolution on the visual level. The identity of the firm and the scope of its activity also remains unchanged.

The decision to change the name is largely a consequence of our many years of presence and increasingly close cooperation within . It also results from the need to unify the names of offices operating under this global brand. The Polish office is one of 69 operating in 34 countries around the world.

The website address remains unchanged, while e-mail addresses will still follow the form [email protected]

The name change is not the only change with which the company entered the new year. From January 2020  in the firm. They have been affiliated with the firm for nearly 14 years. In recent years they have built a strong Commercial practice and helped achieve many aims important to the entire law firm.