Victor Petrov, Head of Litigation practice, told about the practice of consideration of disputes arising from insurance agreements and the ways of recovery of damages in these disputes at a round-table meeting on the topic Insurance disputes and claims settlement: experience, trends and current practice”.

On 5 December 2017, Head of VEGAS LEX Litigation practice, spoke at the round-table meeting "Insurance disputes and claims settlement: experience, trends and current practice"* for insurance companies and business representatives.

Speaking on the topic "Recovery of damages when considering the cases over insurance in the court of arbitration", Victor Petrov told about the key aspects of cause-and-effect relationship between the violator’s wrongdoing and the arisen adverse effects, paid special attention to distinction between direct damages and indirect damages and provided the statistics on disputes arising from insurance agreements, which is collected by the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, and the examples from relevant judicial practice obviously demonstrating the options of understanding and proving such cause-and-effect relationship.

The participants also discussed the advantages and disadvantages of insurance disputes in commercial arbitration, the role and legal aspects of work of insurance adjuster when dealing with damages of global corporate clients under international insurance programs, the experience of participation of adjuster in the settlement of insurance disputes in court, the ways of combatting insurance fraud and other matters.


* Organized by the Union of Insurance Experts and Adjusters and the law firm "Egorov, Puginsky, Afanasiev & Partners".

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