VEGAS LEX experts have hosted a session on issues and practices of dealing with antitrust authorities and how to reduce antimonopoly risks at the 8th International LUKOIL Group Conference.

On April 18 and 19, 2017, VEGAS LEX experts took part in the 8th International LUKOIL Group* Employees Conference on the matters of antimonopoly regulation, at which the practices and recommendations for cooperation with antimonopoly authorities as well as measures aimed at reducing antimonopoly risks were discussed.

Alexandra Vasyukhnova, VEGAS LEX Partner, Head of Technology and Investment group, and Anastasia Cheredova, associate of Commercial group, spoke about the substantive and procedural matters of administrative proceedings in the cases of violations of antimonopoly legislation by the Fuel & Energy Sector’s market participants.

Evgeniy Rodin, Partner, Head of Energy practice, made a report on antimonopoly violations in the energy supply sector and specifics of judicial disputes. In particular, he talked about the distinctive features of antimonopoly proceedings and the main violations of antimonopoly legislation in the energy supply sector, and as to how the violations should be identified and a dispute with FAS should be dealt with.

Victor Petrov, Head of Litigation practice, discussed the topic of judicial practice further and talked about the specifics of antimonopoly proceedings involving the Fuel & Energy Sector’s market participants. Alexander Kiselev, senior associate of Energy practice, highlighted some procedural matters of litigation with FAS emphasizing the practice of challenging a company’s dominant position in an antimonopoly case.

Ksenia Podguzova, associate of Commercial group, in her turn, drew attention of the conference participants to the role of economic analysis in the consideration of the cases of violations of antimonopoly legislation by the Fuel & Energy Sector’s market participants. In particular, she considered the types of economic analysis made by FAS Russia and their application in specific cases, identified the risk “markers” for certain categories of antimonopoly cases, and also discussed the use of economic analysis by business entities to substantiate their position in antimonopoly cases.

The representatives of various companies and LUKOIL Group divisions also made reports.


* LUKOIL is one of the world’s largest vertically integrated oil and gas companies, accounting for more than 2% of global oil production and about 1% of proven hydrocarbon reserves.

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