On 20 September the Pepeliaev Group Exclusive Club held its first meeting in the Museums of the Moscow Kremlin. Partner Julia Borozdna and Elena Sokolovskaya, Head of the Antitrust Practice, invited the most loyal female clients to participate in a programme called Dialogue between East and West. Reflections in the Waters: Japanese Themes in Works of European Artisans. 

During the first part of the event, the club's members were accompanied by the foremost experts of the Museums of the Moscow Kremlin as they visited the display of and listened to stories about the authentic and distinctive works of Japanese artisans and their influence on European art. The Exhibition is dedicated to the works of Japanese applied and decorative art of the 19th and early 20thcentury. It displays a wide variety of Japanese Kimonos, examples of Japanese embroideries made in silk, as well as metal-craft and enamel works.

Inspired by masterpieces of Japanese art, the guests under the guidance of the craftsmen had an opportunity to become artisans themselves and make their own ceramic piece of work. At the end of this art-inspired event the guests were treated to champagne during a buffet reception.

The exhibition Beyond Imagination. Treasuries of Imperial Japan from the Khalili Collection is open for visitors to the Museums of the Moscow Kremlin until 1 October.