Our people and our businesses have become more associated and cooperative than any time in recent history. This is incredible for productivity and speed of worldwide business yet became the very reason for causing the pandemic of this size. With an outburst of such contagious disease and restrictions imposed by the government, every business shall take preventive measures to curb the maximum impact of the virus on their profits and health of their employees.

A large number of employees have lost their employment and can’t pay their debts. Many small restaurants, hotels and other businesses have resumed their work, yet are unable to pay off their expenses due to their inability to work for past three to four months. Decrease in rental due to volatile market economy, inability of tenants to pay rents and shockingly we are witnessing the world on a bridge of credit risk. Therefore, strategizing your business plan to survive in this environment and economy is inevitable.

COVID-19 has upset the regularity of life over the world. There is panic all over the place: at home, in the market, at work, and for entrepreneurs it turns out to be significantly more essential to guarantee their organizations’ commitment of dealing with them in such difficult circumstances. It could be a straightforward affirmation of salaries paid on an ideal time to giving medicinal services to all the employees, when needed.

Similarly, as you are taking security measures to guarantee avoiding the virus, your business likewise needs a checklist to prevent being a victim of this virus. Here are a few different ways to ensure your Business during Coronavirus episode

  1. Design a plan
  2. A crisis plan is not just a layout or mention steps that an organization will take in such drastic occasion yet in addition, it entails measures for assuring the position of employees and the organization. It turns into the manual for the organization to follow and should incorporate data, for example, measures to safeguard employees, crisis contacts, business activities and any deliverable measures.

  3. Educate your workers
  4. Be straightforward with your employees, managers, partners and shareholder of the company with regards to company’s position during the pandemic to early inform the employees about their position. Instruct your representatives on your coherence plans and systems so they recognize what’s in store if your organization is affected.

  5. Re-read Existing Contracts
  6. Organizations need to re-review their existing commercial contracts with the company to ascertain the potential discrepancies that may arise due to the pandemic impact. Provisions identifying with delays, non-execution and inability to pay ought to be recognized. Numerous agreements contain notice arrangements and methods to be followed in unavoidable conditions. Extraordinary consideration ought to be paid to any special conditions which indicate liquidated damages as a payable for specific defaults, and of any express obligation to mitigate the damages caused followed by a breach of the contract.

  7. Upcoming Contracts
  8. Any business considering going into another agreement during the current circumstance ought to do so carefully, considering the effect COVID-19-related repercussions will have on timetables, execution and implementation of the contracts. When drafting new agreements, organizations may decide to incorporate explicit legally binding arrangements to address the current pandemic and any other such event that may arise in future.

The aforementioned steps are basically all precautionary measures one may follow during the pandemic to save the interest of the business, yet it is advised to approach Best Corporate Lawyers of Dubai to have a business analysis on a legal perspective.