If you’ve developed a good working relationship with your fellow shareholders or partners, feel you already have a good governance framework, and are able to make decisions about the enterprise effectively and collectively, why do you need a Shareholders’ Agreement? Together with your company’s Articles and By-laws, a Shareholders Agreement (or a partnership agreement if applicable) helps to form the ‘constitution’ for a private enterprise. Although you may not need to refer to it frequently, a Shareholders Agreement can set out the basis for how leaders of the enterprise are selected; how the enterprise may be financed; what decisions are made by management; a board and/or shareholders (or partners); what information is shared with whom and when; and how shareholders/partners deal with their ownership interests, among other things.

Join Aird & Berlis partner Randy Williamson as he discusses key issues to consider for a Shareholders Agreement, how they may be used and when, including an interactive session to help you consider them in your own enterprise.

To register for this webinar, please email [email protected] or visit www.airdberlis.com.