Hong Kong, 28 April 2017: Boase Cohen & Collins Partner Susan Cheung represented the firm at an intellectual property seminar focusing on the protection of trademarks in the digital era.

The event – “Innovation in Protecting and Applying Trademark Rights Online” – featured two interactive panel sessions with speakers from a variety of jurisdictions discussing relevant industry issues.

“With technology moving at such bewildering speed, it is reasonable to say that intellectual property is one of the most dynamic, fluid and fast-evolving practice areas in law,” said Ms Cheung.

“This seminar was an excellent opportunity to learn more about current and future trends in such fields as online rights protection, trademark usage and domain name registration, as well as the various dispute resolution mechanisms that are available to rights holders and their legal advisors in respect of domain name disputes.”

The event was jointly organised by the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) and the Dot Trademark Domain Name Registry, which is recognised as an industry leader in the registration of domain names with more than 10,000 brands from Hong Kong, mainland China and overseas on its books.

Dot Trademark launched its new generic top-level domain for the Chinese word for “trademark” – ‘. (pronounced "shang biao") – two years ago with the goal of protecting trademarks, combatting counterfeits and fighting cybersquatting, primarily in China.

Each application for a ‘. domain goes through an examination period with registrants asked to provide proof of a registered trademark – or an application – from any of over 200 countries. If a registrant fails to provide proof then a site cannot be activated.

The Dot Trademark project is endorsed by the China Trademark Association and certified by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Prior to the seminar, Dot Trademark announced it had formed the Dot Trademark Policy Committee – comprising 20 members from nine jurisdictions – to provide independent advice on best practice and industry regulations.

The seminar, which coincided with World Intellectual Property Day on 26 April, was held at the HKIAC’s headquarters in Exchange Square, Central.