The SEE Legal partners have advised a leading Austrian bank with respect to legal disputes the company is involved in. The client was advised by the SEE Legal Group in this massive project with respect to assessment of all the client’s passive legal disputes, i.e. assessing the risk associated with the disputes and sufficiency of provisions entered into the annual accounts of local companies, evaluation of the chances of the court proceedings.

This major multijurisdictional deal involved as many as six SEE Legal jurisdictions: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia, Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria. Most disputes (over 250) of various nature (enforcement, litigation, damages, insurance, leasing, real estate, corporate and commercial) were in the Croatian jurisdiction.

DTB was the lead counsel for the SEE region, whereas the project was supervised by the managing partner Emir Bahtijarević. The client was advised with respect to probability of success in the cases, sufficiency of respective provisions, and related to further course of action in the court proceedings. The project lasted from November 2015 to February 2016.