Partner Kizzy Augustin has been listed as one of the 50 must-follow BAME female entrepreneurs, influencers and speakers in 2020 by the Forward Ladies Network. Also on the list are well-known names such as Director of Creative Diversity at the BBC, June Sarpong MBE as well as legal influencers Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu and Sally Penni MBE and recognised inclusion leader Dr Funke Abimbola.

Kizzy is a partner in the fraud and criminal litigation team, specialising in health and safety. She is a regular speaker on issues relating to health and safety generally; on the role of women in the health and safety industry and the role of women and in particular BAME women in the legal sector. In 2019 Kizzy won a Precious Award for being an "outstanding woman in professional services."

Kizzy recently chaired Russell-Cooke’s webinar for aspiring BAME solicitors: Navigating the barriers: is it game on for BAME lawyers?. Speakers included Deputy Vice President of the Law Society, I. Stephanie Boyce, and Chair of the Black Solicitors Network, Paulette Mastin.

Forward Ladies is a global organisation aiming to connect women with opportunities, networks, businesses and expertise. Since 1999, it has worked with high-profile clients such as HSBC, Hitachi Rail and United Utilities to create innovative events and programmes designed to help women achieve their individual aspirations.

Forward Ladies introduced the list by saying: "It is still not clear to many outside of the BAME community how racial biases can manifest themselves in the workplace and one way you can educate yourself is to follow outspoken BAME female leaders who are doing great work to level the playing field. Here is our top 50 BAME female leaders to support in 2020."

Kizzy Augustin said: "It is incredibly flattering to be placed on this list alongside many BAME women who I genuinely admire. It is a great privilege to have gained a platform through my work as a health and safety lawyer that allows me to speak about the diversity issues that are so important to me, and to be working at a firm that encourages me to do so."