Hong Kong, 27 March 2017: Boase Cohen & Collins solicitor Rachel Wong attended the Japanese internship programme co-organised by the Law Society of Hong Kong and the Japan Federation of Bar Associations from 6-17 March. 

Rachel was among five participants selected this year to have a two-week internship at Japanese law firms. As part of the programme, participants attended introductory classes on the Japanese legal system. Rachel was then assigned to the Osaka office of Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners, which is one of the biggest law firms in the Kansai region.

"I was very honoured to be selected as one of delegates and be given this precious opportunity,” said Rachel. “I had been to Japan a few times before but this was the first time I could work as an intern in a Japanese law firm.

“It was a great pleasure to get to know and work with some outstanding Japanese legal practitioners.  During my internship, I was also brought to the court to observe a hearing so as to enhance my understanding of the court etiquette in Japan."

On the last day of the programme, participants visited the Supreme Court of Japan and met committee members of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations. During her brief stay in Tokyo, Rachel also seized the opportunity to meet lawyers at Blakemore & Mitsuki, the Japanese member of global legal services organisation Ally Law.