Quantum Music Records Romania concluded a strategic partnership with Universal Music France for the development of the musical project of the artist Irina Rimes (equally known as Irina Remesh or Irra), on all French territories, respectively France, Monaco, The French Overseas Territories and Departments, Andorra, Benelux, Switzerland and Canada.

The team of Maravela & Asociatii, led by Founding Partner Alina Popescu and Associate Daniel Alexie, assisted Quantum Music Records Romania in reviewing and negotiating the terms of the agreement concluded with Universal Music France.

It is one of the few such transactions on the Romanian music market, requiring a multidisciplinary approach comprising aspects of international law, IP & IT, contracts law, data protection, etc.

Alina Popescu possesses strong know-how in drafting, revising and negotiating complex international contracts, including various IP related arrangements. Alina equally holds sound knowledge and experience related to competition aspects, which are frequently an essential component of contract matters.

Daniel Alexie specializes in IP, data protection, IT and competition, being involved in complex and innovative assignments for sound corporate clients.

We are thrilled every time we manage to successfully close an important deal, especially when dealing with challenges such as the negotiation of a complex contract governed by the French law. To the same extent, we rejoiced this opportunity to work in French, in a business environment where the English language often has the leading role.” Alina Popescu, Founding Partner of Maravela & Asociatii

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