Pepeliaev Group’s Antitrust Practice’s experts participated in the conference titled Antitrust Law in Russia. The event was held on 27 October by the Russian business daily Vedomosti in partnership with the Competition Experts Association and with the support the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service.

Elena Sokolovskaya, Head of the firm's Antitrust Practice, co-moderated the session titled ‘Investigating Anti-Competitive Agreements in Russia on Cross-Border Markets’. The discussion touched upon the issue of investigating cartels on cross-border markets paying special attention to the mechanisms which will be employed when an investigation is undertaken at the level of the Eurasian Economic Union. In addition, the participants discussed the rationale for applying IT tools to identify cartels and the role of the Anti-Cartel Treaty and Global Antitrust which is handling cartel investigations.

The session was attended by Aleksey Sushkevich, Director of the Antimonopoly Regulation Department of the Eurasian Economic Commission; Andrey Tenishev, Head of the Anti-Cartel Department at the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service; Elvira Dubovskaya, Head of the Legal Department at Novartis Business Services; Natalia Moiseeva, Head of Legal Department at Hyundai Motor CIS, and others.

Radmila Nikitina, Head of the Commercial Practice, Antitrust at Pepeliaev Group, spoke as an expert during the ‘New Approaches in Applying the Institution of Dominant Players’ session, which was moderated by Andrey Tsarikovsky, Official Secretary and Deputy Head of the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service. The participants discussed the difference in the approaches used for considering cases involving monopolies and those involving monopsonies, which tools are to be applied while considering the cases of bilateral monopolies, as well as a series of other topical issues.

The session was attended by Nelli Galimkhanova, Head of the Department for Control over Industry at the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service; Vladimir Safronov, Senior Advisor of Department of Systematization of Legislation and Analysis of the Court Practice of the Russian Supreme Court; Petr Krupin, Head of the Legal Department at PepsiCo Holding; Anton Rogachevsky, Vice-President of Legal Affairs at Baltika Breweries; Maria Rozhnova, Senior Lawyer at Danone, and others.