During Pepeliaev Group’s latest business mission to China, a business breakfast “Russia: opportunities for Chinese corporate business” was held. The event was organised with the support of FinanceAsia, an authoritative business media outlet. Pepeliaev Group has been actively exploring the continental part of China for over four years. However, this is the first event the firm has organised in Hong Kong.

The speakers at the business breakfast included prominent lawyers and businessmen, such as Rustem Ahmetshin, Senior Partner at Pepeliaev Group, Ilya Bolotnov, Partner at Pepeliaev Group, Andrey Yakunin, co-founder of private equity fund VIYM, Michael Hammond, CEO of Gazprombank in the Asia-Pacific region, and John Song, the General Director at Absen Holding. The following leading Chinese companies took part in the event: Shanghai International Group, Tourong Changfu Group Limited, Dameng, Hong Kong HengFeng Oil Trade, Tsinghua Unigroup, China National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation, and more.

The Partners from Pepeliaev Group and CEO of Gazprombank for Asia-Pacific region dwelled on the legal and financial aspects of approaching the Russian market and the most common mistakes Chinese investors make. Mr Yakunin and Mr Song shared their practical experience of investing in Russia. They spoke about the difficulties each of them faced and made interesting observations aimed at helping the next wave of investors.

Within the framework of the interactive panel, the speakers and guests discussed promising industries and regions for investment. They also spoke about the effect of the “One belt - one way” initiative on investments into Russia. The participants also addressed the issue of internationalisation of China's national currency, the Renminbi.

Summing up the discussions, Andrew Wright, the moderator from FinanceAsia, pointed out that Russia and China are at the stage when both countries are studying each other; therefore the value of such events is especially high. China Daily agreed with his conclusion having focused on bilateral taxation between Russia and Hong Kong.