The Charity Commission has appointed Partner Jonathan Brinsden as Interim Manager to Manor Building Preservation Trust.

In addition to taking control of the charity responsibilities of the role includes:

  • gain vacant possession of property owned by the charity, some of which is currently occupied by the trustees and look at options for dealing with the property in the best interests of the charity
  • determine whether there are any potential claims against the current and former trustees of the charity in relation to any breach of trust
  • examine the terms and validity of the charity’s options for dealing with employment arrangements
  • assess the validity of claims made in relation to any loans made to the charity and settle those claims, if applicable
  • consider whether the charity is pursuing its objects for the public benefit with a view to regularising the charity’s activities or dissolving it, and dispersing its funds according to its governing document
  • pursue litigation as considered appropriate in the charity’s best interests

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