This Q&A guide gives a high-level overview of legal and regulatory requirements on different types of outsourcing; commonly used legal structures; procurement processes; formalities required for transferring or leasing assets; data protection issues; supply chain compliance; specification, service levels and escalation; flexibility in volumes purchased; charging methods; customer remedies and protections; warranties and indemnities; term and notice period; termination and its consequences; liability, exclusions and caps; dispute resolution; and the tax issues arising on an outsourcing.

The authors wish to thank Danielle Chipranski Cavalcante, Stefania Mariotti Masetti, Ingrid Bandeira Santos, Helena Virgili, Lorena Pretti Serraglio, Marcos Rafael Faber Galante Carneiro, Stefania Acerbi Manfrin, Ana Clara Appolinário and Mariana de Carvalho Rici for their contribution to this article.

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