Nuptial Agreements - Relationship Planning Isn’t Just For Celebrities

With more and more changes in financial arrangements between families, it’s not just high worth clients who are arranging a pre-nuptial agreement. As parents increasingly invest portions of their own money into properties for their children, having pre and post nuptial agreements in place can reduce stress and worry for everyone.

Director Rita Gupta draws on her own experience to offer an introduction for paralegals, and for family law firms wishing to develop this area or add it to their portfolio of services. 

The webinar covers:

  • an introduction to Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements
  • an examination of some leading cases, including Radmacher and Granatino
  • practical examples of what is required for a valid agreement
  • discussion of when each type of nuptial agreement would be appropriate
  • tips on drafting an agreement

When and where

Rita’s informative webinar will be streamed at 12.30pm on  Monday 2nd March 2020. Delegates who sign before the 2nd March can view on demand for up to 90 days.

• You can register for this seminar at:

• There are various ticket options including season ticket holders discounts.

Other webinars with Rita

Rita’s first Intermediate level webinar, “Financial Remedy Cases - Practical Tips for Family Lawyers” is available  with a ‘sneak peek’ free preview. 


MBL approached Rita after seeing LGFL’s videos on their social media feeds and YouTube channel (