We invite our clients, friends and partners to check our series of articles with insights on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) practices, led by our Corporate M&A partner, Ana Paula Terra Caldeira in collaboration with Gabriela Salazar, associate lawyer of Environmental and Mining departments, and intern Vitor Emmanuel Viana Antunes Dantas.

Do you know what ESG means and where it stands for in the performance of companies?

We discuss the criteria, definitions, challenges, opportunities, and the importance of implementing ESG practices today as a differential and competitive advantage of your business.

ESG | Azevedo Sette Advogados

Our firm offers services related to the topic, including structuring of the best corporate governance practices for companies, integrity programs, LGDP compliance programs, advice on ESG financial products, issuance of debentures, advice on environmental and labor audits, energy and climate demands, mediation and relationship with stakeholders and assessment of ESG practices, among others.

We remain available to answer any questions and support on the topic.

Download of the e-book available here: http://www.azevedosette.com.br/anexos/2021_02_09_07_53_18.pdf.