Natalia Prisekina, Partner, Head of the Far East Office of Pepeliaev Group, has been appointed an arbitrator of the Harbin Arbitration Commission for a term of five years.

The Harbin Arbitration Commission (HRBAC) was established in August 1996 by the People’s Government of Harbin and is the only permanent civil and commercial arbitration authority in the region. HRBAC consists of 413 arbitrators, 102 of which are representatives of countries other than China, among them Great Britain, Russia, Australia, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and others. Each arbitrator specialises in different areas of economics and the law, which allows them to consider various disputes using all their professional skills and practical experience. 

The Harbin Arbitration Commission resolves contractual disputes arising in China and abroad, including disputes with respect to sale and purchases, gifts, loans, rental, contractors, construction, supplies, etc. 

“In addition to the risks associated with international sanctions and guarantees of the safety of investments, the interest of Chinese investors in conducting business in Russia is limited owing to the Russian court system: in particular, they do not have trust in Russian state courts. The courts are overloaded, and consequently, lack flexibility,” comments Natalia Prisekina, Partner, Head of the Far East Office of Pepeliaev Group. “An alternative for Chinese investors and their Russia partners is to consider disputes in a Chinese arbitration court with Chinese and Russian arbitrators, as the Harbin Arbitration Commission can offer. My appointment as an arbitrator in this arbitration authority means that HRBAC trusts me and finds my skills and experience sufficient for working at the Harbin Arbitration Commission. This is important for me and significant from the standpoint of the strengthening of ties between China and Russia, which Pepeliaev Group has been developing for many years.”