LatinAlliance, law firm with over 25 years of leading edge practice in Central America, has added a new accomplishment to their growth strategy with the launching of the Anti-Trust practice area.

This year, on August, they announced the incorporation of Francisco Díaz to their team, who served as the Anti-Trust Superintendent of El Salvador from 2011 to 2018.

About the conference “How does the Anti-Trust Superintendence Work?”

On October 24th, our team launched the new practice area by developing a conference oriented at the main companies in the country who could be affected by anti-trust practices or any regulation this institution may establish.

The conference had, as its main objective, to explain how the Anti-Trust Superintendence operates and to explain the basic topics about the Anti-Trust Law in order to avoid any behavior that could affect their company, and how they can protect themselves from any possible abuse or violation other economic agents could promote.

The release of this new practice area corresponds to the innovation and expansion strategy the firm has established for the future, which, until now, has allowed it to become an international benchmark in law matters. 

If you require further information please contact the partners responsible for this operation or with the communication and marketing area: