Work on compiling the Compendium began in 2018.Gathering 80 experts in antitrust law,it sought to compile and analyze nine major issues in antitrust damages actions across 21 jurisdictions including China,the European Union,the United States of America,Brazil and Germany.Collecting 275 pieces of case law from all jurisdictions,it is an invaluable reference for scholars,practitioners and law enforcement agencies engaged in antitrust work.The International Chamber of Commerce will regularly update the Compendium.

Established with State Council approval in 1988,the China Chamber of International Commerce(CCOIC)is a nationwide chamber of commerce comprised of enterprises,groups and other business organizations which participate in international commercial activity in China.King&Capital Law Firm is a constituent member of the CCOIC.Lawyer JIN Yi of King&Capital has served on the CCOIC Competition Commission since 2018,following recommendation by the CCOIC,he was appointed an expert to the antitrust damages actions working group of the ICC Competition Commission.

In 2021,CCOIC Secretary-General YU Jianlong wrote to King&Capital,noting his gratitude for the heightened sense of purpose and responsibility with which lawyer JIN Yi participated in the work of the ICC Competition Commission as an expert from China.Secretary-General YU also commended lawyer JIN Yi for his active performance of duty,increasing China’s agency in international affairs and an efficient,professional and rigorous working style.

Established in 1995 as one of the earliest partnership law firms in China(special common partnership),King&Capital Law Firm has always placed the client’s needs at the forefront with its firm motto“strive to excel and prove ourselves worthy of trust”.We have grown to become a leading large-scale comprehensive law firm in China and Asia,as well as one of the“law firms most trusted by clients”.King&Capital actively answers the call of national policy by setting its foreign legal business capacity as a key working target.It will continue to strive in providing quality legal services for such major national developmental strategies as“One Belt,One Road”as well as the overseas endeavors of Chinese enterprises and citizens.