The proposed amending act to the Slovenian Gaming Act has been drafted to harmonise domestic legislation with EU law, to foster a more socially responsible gambling sector and also to update and improve the gambling experience for customers.

The key proposals are to:

· introduce a new kind of concession for the organisation of special online gambling games;

· regulate advertising in the gambling sector;

· limit the number of classic gambling games licenses;

· abolish the requirement that a concession operator’s registered seat be in the Republic of Slovenia, expanding the registration zone to encompass the whole of the European Economic Area;

· abolish permits for individuals to work in the gambling sector; and

· abolish the present 20 per cent limitation on the maximum permissible share ownership in concession operators;

among others.

The abolition of the limit on share ownership will enable and encourage domestic and foreign investors, as well as their strategic partners, to enter the market, as long as they fulfill all legal conditions. The abolition may also accelerate the sale of shares in gambling companies owned by Slovenian Sovereign Holding: Hit d.d (20%), Casino Bled d.d. (43%) and Casino Portorož d.d. (9.46%). These sales are outlined in Slovenian Sovereign Holding’s 2016 plan for state-owned asset management.

Please note that, while promising, the future of the proposed legislation remains uncertain as the bill has yet to pass the legislative stage.


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