Lawyers of the Antimonopoly Practice of Infralex have developed for the market leader of school textbooks - the Group of Companies "Prosvetshenie" - a unique system for internal compliance with the requirements of antimonopoly legislation - antimonopoly compliance.

According to the head of the Department of Control of the Social Sphere, Trade and Non-Production Services of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia Mrs. Sharavskaya (, the trade policy of the Enlightenment Group developed within the framework of the antimonopoly compliance provides for transparent rules for the interaction of the dominant business entity with counterparties, as well as provisions aimed at building a bona fair price and non-price policy of the company in the textbook market.

Mrs. Sharavskaya, also believes that the antimonopoly compliance of the Group of Companies @Prosvetshenie" "will help reduce the risks of violation by the dominant of the Law on the Protection of Competition" and "testifies to the positive intentions and steps taken by "Prosvetshenie" to carry out its activities within the framework of the Law on the Protection of Competition."

"During developing compliance, we conducted a deep analysis of existing business processes and procedures, identified "bottlenecks" and offered the leader of the school textbook market a comprehensive solution. The antitrust policy and procedures developed by us aimed at complying with antitrust laws not only take into account the peculiarities of business and guarantee the publishing house to reduce the risks of claims of the antitrust authority, but also make it possible to significantly reduce the company's operational risks and protect Enlightenment Group from the negative consequences caused by unfair actions of employees" - says Elena Kuznetsova, Head of the Antimonopoly Practice of Infralex.