Don’t waste a good crisis, goes the saying. In the context of COVID-19, this may seem harsh, but at its root there is an inescapable truth. The crises we face, whether localised or global, will engulf us no matter what we do. If we suffer without learning, we lose doubly.

The crucible of crisis forces change upon us. Some of it will be lasting and beneficial. There is a genuine social, business and political imperative to draw on our recent experiences, to learn what lessons we can, to become better than we were.

The best time to learn those lessons is in the immediate aftermath, when our memories are fresh and the experience is raw. Business will not become resilient unless it takes time, now, to embed new behaviours and processes.

We are not out of the woods yet, but this is a worthwhile exercise as one begins to emerge from any crisis. Given current circumstances, it may prove critical if – as many predict – there are further surges or spikes in the COVID-19 pandemic.

The following guide should help you, whether as a senior in-house lawyer or otherwise, to navigate the uncertain waters that lie ahead.

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