In recent years, many sports have created new short format versions
of their games, including Rugby, Tennis, Basketball and Cricket. The
twist on the traditional game into an innovative short format is popular
 for many reasons, from generating interest amongst fans to appealing to
 TV and sponsors.

Hamlins’ Sports Partner Matthew Pryke has extensive experience in
this field. As Tournament Director of Tie Break Tens, Matthew was key to
 launching tennis’ exciting new fast format in 2015.

Matthew’s experience, knowledge and unique understanding of how to
launch, develop and grow a short format sport series places him in a
respected position in this field. Sports Business included his valuable
insight in their recent article; ‘The Big Short – The Evolution of short formats in sport’ (subscription only) published on 10 March 2017.

Pryke explains that innovation is critical to the future of sport;

Audiences and broadcasters are driving change and
sports governing bodies need to respond to that. Appealing to the next
generation of fans is absolutely essential to the long-term health of
the sport, even if it raises questions about how existing stakeholders
will fit into the new model.”

The challenge within sport moving forward is balancing the new short
formats with the traditional disciplines. The industry will need to work
 on ensuring that both formats remain popular and complementary to each
other, whilst continuing to excite fans and remaining relevant to

Pryke says;

“My view is that formats like T20 and Rugby Sevens can complement
 traditional versions of the game – and in some cases provide the
impetus for improvements. But even if the primary impact is to open up
the sport to women, younger audiences and new markets then that is a
clear benefit to the sport as a whole. The key challenge for all sports
is to ensure that individual rivalries don’t stop them from moving
forward, so they need to take stakeholders with them by pointing to the

Further insight from Matthew Pryke on this topic is included in the
full Sports Business article, as part of a wider discussion on a variety
 of short formats sports.

The full article can be found here. (subscription needed).

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