FALP. Radixact Acquisition

1.      Deal Description

Guerrero Olivos represented the most relevant cancer institute in Chile, Fundación Arturo López Pérez (“FALP”). FALP is a non-profit organization incorporated on 1954 for the research and treatment of cancer. They operate with high quality technology and offer a wide range of services and treatments with great success.

Our corporate team represented FALP in the acquisition of a radiotherapy system named Radixact with Synchrony system. This acquisition will allow FALP to continue fighting cancer with top of the line equipment.

Guerrero Olivos was in charge of the whole transaction, since preliminary negotiations until closing which included the negotiation and drafting of the purchase and maintenance agreement of the Radixact equipment.

It is important to note that on May 2019 we also participated in the joint venture and acquisition of certain stake of PositronPharma S.A., a company that operates the only cyclotron in Chile, which are used in nuclear medicine worldwide to produce radionuclides. Cyclotron is a type of particle accelerator that was invented by Ernest O. Lawrence who was awarded with the 1939 Nobel prize in physics.

Complexity was the regulatory angle of the transaction. We had to obtain the necessary governmental authorizations to operate nuclear equipment and to enable special bunkers for the correct operation of the equipment. The transaction lasted 8 months.

On the other hand, the transaction was developed during the Chilean social outbreak and the global sanitary crisis.

2.      Counsel list

Counsel to FALP: Guerrero Olivos

Leading partner: Tomás Kubick ([email protected])

Associates: Diego Rodríguez

Counsel to Reich de Comercio Exterior SpA

Partner: Alejandro Vicari and Héctor Fontaine

3.      Date of closing


4.      Deal Value


5.      Jurisdictions involved