Georgiev, Todorov & Co. Law Offices successfully protected the rights of the State before the Supreme Administrative Court.

The case was initiated on objection against the amendment of the Fee Regulations, which are collected by Road Infrastructure Agency for the use of republican motorways. The law firm was entrusted with the legal representation after the appeals against the new road tolls were allowed in court. In the first instance the case was lost by the public authorities. The successful legal representation, conducted by Nikolay Lazarov, prosecuting attorney of The Ministry of regional development and public works,  at the last phase of the proceedings lead to the original decision being quashed. The Fifth Chamber of The Supreme Court of Appeal with its final decision annul the judgement of the Third Chamber of the same court from July 2016, which sets aside the Cabinet Regulation No 317 of 17.11.2015. The rejection of the complaints against the contested subdelegated  legislation was with high importance and serious consequences in a view with the price regulation for the use of the public road network.