Represented exclusively by Georgiev, Todorov & Co, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food has successfully protected its ownership rights over an area of 127 427 km2 in a recent court case.

The Supreme Court of Cassation gave its final judgement in civil case No. 5981/2015, with which it orders “Parrus” EOOD to transfer the possession over an area of 127 427 m2 - part of resort complex Rusalka, back to the State. The court appointed three experts to prepare a technical expertise for the purposes of the judicial proceedings.  On the basis of the findings and conclusions from the expertise and the collected evidence, following three court hearings, the Supreme Court of Cassation ruled in favor of the State. 

Relying on the high expertise and professionalism of the team of Georgiev, Todorov & Co., represented by Arno Mamassiyan, Senior Partner and Georgi Georgiev, Senior Associate, the Bulgarian state was able to regain the possession over a significant land area and protect its rights and legitimate interests in a heated court battle.