The Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic, in cooperation with the Office for Personal Data Protection and partners IBM Czech Republic, KPMG Czech Republic and PRK Partners, have launched the GDPR Academy project. This eleven-seminar series is being held with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, while the Confederation of Industry and the Office for Personal Data Protection will serve as the project’s professional guarantors. The Academy will assist companies and other entities prepare for implementation of the new European regulation on personal data protection – the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will enter into force on 25 May 2018. The lecturers of the GDPR Academy will explain to participants the individual changes that follow from the regulation in a structured format focusing on different business segments and activities. Three seminars will focus on the specific obligations for individual business sectors. The first seminar, focusing on a company management perspective, will be held on 16 June 2017 at the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Applicants can apply using the registration form at Jindřich Kalíšek, an expert on IT and disruptive technologies law at PRK Partners, will break down the legal aspects of data protection and the implementation of the Regulation for participants. He will be accompanied by experienced IT lawyer Zbyněk Loebl, also from PRK Partners.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect in May 2018. The Regulation governs how personal data can be handled while also strengthening the rights of natural persons as data subjects. Most businesses, non-profit organisations, public and local authorities, healthcare facilities, and other entities, will need to change both their processes and entire data architecture in preparation for the Regulation’s effectiveness, and they all appear to have a lot of questions. According to a survey conducted by the Confederation of Industry carried out at the end of 2016, more than 60 per cent of companies have not been informed about the new Regulation and are not technologically prepared to implement it. The Confederation of Industry, together with its partners, is therefore organising seminars between June and December 2017 which are designed to help companies prepare for the Regulation in a complete and comprehensive manner. “Leading Czech and Slovak data protection experts, who have been working on this topic for a long time, will be speaking at the seminars”, explained Milena Jabůrková, a member of the Confederation of Industry Board of Directors. “We want to introduce participants to aspects of the new regulation – to draw attention to the risks associated with it and to help them find a way to deal with and resolve such risks effectively”.

The Academy consists of eleven seminars focused on various areas of GDPR implementation. Participants will be introduced to the new obligations and changes in comparison with the current situation. The seminars will highlight the new rights of data subjects, such as the right to be forgotten, etc., and the processing of personal data at the international level. Three seminars will address how the obligations and effects of the Regulation affect different business sectors. The first seminar looks at the new obligations, risks and opportunities from a top management perspective and will be held at the Ministry of Industry and Trade on 16 June 2017.

The issues and legal aspects of personal data protection will be covered by representatives of the Office for Personal Data Protection, the Confederation of Industry, Masaryk University and other experts from renowned law, consulting and technology firms. The panel of lecturers will reflect the legal, managerial and technological specifics of each topic.

The panel of lecturers include Miroslava Matoušová, an experienced inspector and specialist in the new European regulation of data protection from the Office for Personal Data Protection; Tereza Šamanová from the Confederation of Industry, specialising in legal regulation related to industry digitisation and personal data protection; and Jan Krob, the head of KPMG’s IT Advisory  services. IBM will be represented by Daniel Joksh, the company's cyber security and data protection specialist, and senior security consultant Ivan Makatura will focus on, among other things, information and cyber security. The legal aspects of data protection and the implementation of the GDPR will be covered by Jindřich Kalíšek, an expert on IT and new technologies law at PRK Partners, and IT lawyer Zbyněk Loebl, also from PRK Partners.

More information about the lecturers, the programmes of individual seminars, registration and prices are available on the GDPR Academy website at

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