Paris, October 5, 2016 

FERAL-SCHUHL / SAINTE-MARIE law firm, which becomes a partnership (AARPI), is delighted to announce its association with the law firm of Richard WILLEMANT, Attorney-at-Law, member of the Paris Bar and Quebec Bar, trademark attorney and mediator.

With the addition of Richard WILLEMANT, FERAL- SCHUHL / SAINTE-MARIE strengthens its practice areas and its expertise in intellectual property, particularly in trademark, industrial design and patent, unfair competition as well as international business law.

FERAL-SCHUHL / SAINTE-MARIE will rely on the experience that Richard WILLEMANT has developed for more than 10 years in protecting and defending all intellectual property rights, including in complex litigations or multi-jurisdictional cases.

This partnership also means an expansion of the firm’s services worldwide, through Richard WILLEMANT’s network of attorneys and alliances he has forged in Canada, Japan, USA, Italy, Switzerland and China to name a few.

FERAL- SCHUHL / SAINTE-MARIE is thus very proud to partner with the Japanese firm TORANOMON CHUO LAW FIRM虎門中央法律事務所, which is a leading firm in Business law in Japan.

This association will enable the firm to support its clients regarding their entire legal needs in Tokyo and Osaka, but also in Beijing, Shanghai, Canton, Hong Kong and Los Angeles, through the joint-venture between its Japanese colleagues and the Chinese law firm BROAD & BRIGHT.

The expertise of FERAL- SCHUHL / SAINTE-MARIE also spreads in Canada where Richard WILLEMANT has been working for more than five years as attorney and trademark attorney. With Christiane Féral-Schuhl and Stéphanie Foulgoc, the firm now counts three attorneys registered both at the Paris Bar and the Quebec Bar.

« We share with Richard Willemant the same entrepreneurial values. The combination of our know-how will benefit our clients in every line of business with an enhanced international reach and the highest level of legal technicality” » comments Bruno Grégoire Sainte Marie, founding partner of FERAL- SCHUHL / SAINTE-MARIE.

« The unification of our activities with those of Richard Willemant follows the ongoing consolidation we have been initiated many years ago through our close collaboration on numerous cases. Richard Willemant’s integration is a new step in the firm development, particularly in Canada that is dear to my heart », states Christiane Féral-Schuhl, former President of the Paris Bar Association and founding partner of the firm.

Richard WILLEMANT comments: « I am delighted to include my practice and my entire global developments into this new partnership. FERAL‑SCHUHL / SAINTE-MARIE now offers a complete range of legal services in intellectual property in all industries and worldwide. Our ambition is to raise our practice of intellectual property at the same standards of excellence than Information Technology and Communication law, fields where FERAL‑SCHUHL / SAINTE-MARIE is one of the French leading firm for many years now ».


Richard Willemant is an attorney-at-law, admitted at the Paris Bar and the Quebec Bar. He is also a trademark attorney in France, in Europe and in Canada as well as mediator accredited by the Quebec bar and a Data Protection correspondent. He has practiced for more than ten years in intellectual property and technology law. Bilingual in French and in English with Japanese notions, Richard Willemant is graduated from the Parisian Universities Panthéon-Assas and Sorbonne, as well as McGill University in Montréal. He was formerly President of the Paris-Quebec committee at the Paris Bar.

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