Carlos Ayón, Senior Manager at EY Law, was appointed Vice President of the Committee of Commercial Law, Banking and Corporate Advisory at the Inter-American Bar Association(IABA).

This appointment was confirmed on November 15th   in Asunción Paraguay and is for a period of two years. Carlos has been an active member of the IABA and of the committee in recent years. He has had prominent participations in the annual conferences in Panama, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica.

The Inter-American Federation of Attorneys is an international organization of attorneys focused on establishing and maintaining relations between legal associations and organizations in the American nations, promoting uniformity in commercial law, and spreading throughout the American continent a general knowledge of the laws of all the American countries; sustaining the honor of the legal profession, and promoting cordial relations between jurists in the western hemisphere. This organization includes all Bar Associations in America, Spain and France, also universities, law firms and individual jurists.

Carlos Ayón is recognized for his extensive experience and knowledge in Corporate Law, Banking and Finance, Contracts, Franchises, Real Estate Law, Entertainment Law, Foreign Investment and Labor Disputes. He is also accredited to practice in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

At EY Law we have a highly diverse and specialized team of professionals, and this appointment confirms the quality of our team.