On March 27, 2020, in the afternoon edition of the Federal Official Gazette, it was published the decree stating extraordinary actions in the affected regions throughout the country in general health matters to combat the serious priority disease generated by the SARS-CoV2 virus (COVID-19).

Pursuant to this decree, the Ministry of Health may implement the following extraordinary measures:

a. Use as auxiliary elements all medical and social assistance resources of the public, social and private sectors existing in the affected regions and in the adjacent ones;

b. Acquire all types of goods and services, at the national or international level, including medical equipment, diagnostic agents, surgical and healing material and hygienic products, and all types of goods that may be necessary to face the contingency, without need to carry out public bidding procedures, for the required amounts or concepts;

c. Import and authorize the import, and the acquisition in the national territory of the goods and services mentioned in the previous section, without need to exhaust any administrative procedure, for the quantities or concepts necessary to face the contingency;

d. Carry out the necessary measures to avoid price speculation and the storing of essential supplies of the goods and services referred to in paragraph B. above; and

e. Any others deemed necessary by the Ministry of Health.

In addition to the foregoing, at any time, the Ministry of Health may implement the measures provided for in Article 184 of the General Health Law, such as: (i) issue health measures related to people gatherings, population entry and exit and the special hygiene regimes to be implemented; (ii) regulate land, sea and air traffic and freely dispose of all means of transportation owned by the State and public service; and (iii) freely and primarily use telephone, telegraphic and postal services and radio and television transmissions, among others.

In the next few days, a decree shall be issued by the Ministry of Health setting forth the actions that national authorities shall carry out under its mandate in order to fulfill the purposes described above. We will keep you informed of the issuance and content of the relevant decree in question.

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