At a virtual awards ceremony, LMG announced this year's winners of

the annual Life Sciences Awards on 13 May. After the great success last
 where Francine Brogyányi, Managing Partner and Head of DORDA's Life
Sciences Practice Group, was awarded "Litigation & Enforcement
Lawyer of the Year", the
outstanding work of DORDA was again honoured this year.

The DORDA Life Science Practice Group was nominated by LMG in a total
 of three categories. As "Corporate Firm of the Year", as "Regulatory
Firm of the Year" and as "Central Europe Life Sciences Firm of the
Year", the category in which DORDA was ultimately able to set itself
apart from the strong competition. In addition, Francine Brogyányi once
again impressed with a personal nomination in the category "Advisory
Lawyer of the Year".

"The recognition of DORDA's Life Science practice group as one of
 the best in Europe is a result of the clarity we deliver to clients and
 the industry specialization we have built up over the last 15 years. It
 is also the outcome of a productive partnership with our clients which
allows us to exchange ideas and build legal strategies on an equal