A cross-regional Dentons team from Brussels and Beijing successfully represented Zhejiang Best Nail Industrial Co., Ltd, (“Zhejiang Best”), a major Chinese nail and staple producer, in the EU anti-dumping investigation concerning imports of staples from China.

This high profile trade remedy investigation was initiated following a complaint lodged by several EU staple producers, which aimed to restrict imports and control the sources of supplies with regard to the product concerned.

During the investigation period, the volume of imports from China accounted for approximately 55% of the total EU market, including European producers’ own production and imports from other countries. Had the anti-dumping measures been imposed, European users and consumers would have seen a sharp increase in price or even a shortage in supply.

Zhejiang Best, assisted by a seamless Dentons team in Beijing and Brussels, was recognized by the European Commission as the sole fully cooperating exporting producer in China.

After more than nine months of investigation, the European Commission recently determined to terminate the proceeding and as a result, European users and consumers will continue having access to reasonably priced staple products.

Brussels-based partner Xiaoyi Tang and Beijing-based partner Jason Sun jointly led the matter, with significant contributions from Alina Xiao and Sarah Wu, associates in Beijing, as well as Rudi Leleu, Director of International Trade, and senior associate Maria Krestiyanova in Brussels.