Located in the central business district of Futian District, Central Walk is landmark commercial complex in Shenzhen, and a shopping mall integrating shopping, leisure, catering, entertainment and tourism.

The Dentons team had a clear division of labor and paid great attention to efficiency. Mr. Li advised on the major direction. Mr. Wu and Mr. Zhang was responsible for all matters related to legal due diligence, design of transaction structure, draft and revision of transaction documents, and negotiations with domestic and overseas counsels, and they also witnessed the signing of the transaction documents. Mr. Huang oversaw matters related to employee relocation and litigation. The four partners were assisted by paralegals Li Xiangyi, Wu Ding, Wang Siyun, Luo Shuolin, Peng Min, Yang Xinqu and Luo Xun.

Although this deal was time-consuming (takes several months) and with many difficulties, the Dentons team actively assisted the smooth completion of this transaction within the scheduled timeframe. The client was very satisfied with our work and highly praised our professionalism, efficiency and diligence.