The seized counterfeits showed a high quality of counterfeiting and even contained QR codes, which, after scanning, links to the original product website. The illegal contraband contained many well-known brands, like "CALVIN KLEIN", "HUGO BOSS", "RALPH LAUREN", "ARMANI" or "TOMMY HILFINGER". Overall price of original products would amount 348,400. Only from one truck and one custom inspection!

According to a study carried out by the EUIPO and the OECD in 2019, estimates of IPR infringement in international trade in 2016 could reach as much as 3.3 % of world trade. Up to 6.8 % of EU imports, or EUR 121 billion per year, are fake goods. Both sets of figures are significantly higher than those found in the previous edition published by the two organisations in 2016, indicating that the problem has become even more serious in recent years. And the problem of counterfeiting does not affect only textile, fashion, and clothing industry, but it undermines many other sectors and entire supply chain: cosmetics, jewellery, health, agriculture, foodstuff, or engineering.

Trademarks play an inevitable role in fighting against counterfeiting. It is important to be active and set a trademark strategy before go-to-market. And if your competitor uses your brand or even tries to register it in Slovakia, swift and resolute legal steps are needed: cease-and-desist letter, opposition filed with the Slovak Industrial Property Office (SK IPO) or a request for court's preliminary injunction. We, at Bukovinsky & Chlipala | Law Firm deal with more than 30 various intellectual property disputes per year.

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