Hong Kong, 24 April 2017: Boase Cohen & Collins Senior Partner Colin Cohen has returned to Hong Kong after a “highly productive” business trip to Israel.

Mr Cohen conducted meetings on behalf of both the firm and Ally Law, the global legal services organisation in which BC&C is Hong Kong’s sole representative.

“I had a busy itinerary that involved meetings with a significant number of law firms in Tel Aviv,” he said. “It was a good chance to catch up with some important business contacts as well as several old friends. In addition, we are seeking an Israeli member firm for Ally Law, so this was an opportunity for me to meet interested firms and showcase our organisation and what it has to offer.

“It is well known that the Hong Kong and Israeli governments are committed to forging closer economic and trade ties so, in this respect, it makes sense for us at Boase Cohen & Collins to be enhancing our links with the country.”

Mr Cohen, who found time at the end of his visit for some sight-seeing in Jerusalem and Bethlehem, added: “Even in this era of easy global communication, there is nothing as effective as face-to-face meetings for building lasting business relationships, so it was a hugely worthwhile and highly productive trip.”

Ally Law comprises more than 60 independent law firms in over 40 countries. With close co-operation between members, the organisation helps clients overcome their international legal and business challenges. Mr Cohen is a past President of Ally Law’s parent organisation, the International Alliance of Law Firms.