Hong Kong, 28 August 2017: A business trip to Tokyo last week gave Boase Cohen & Collins Senior Partner Colin Cohen an opportunity to hold discussions with Ally Law counterparts Blakemore & Mitsuki.

Mr Cohen met with Partner Taketo Nasu at the offices of Blakemore & Mitsuki, the oldest international law firm in Japan. Like BC&C, it is a member of Ally Law, the global legal services referral organisation.

“At Boase Cohen and Collins we have a significant number of clients with legal and business interests in Japan so our close working relationship with such an eminent law firm allows us to offer enhanced advice and services,” said Mr Cohen.

“This was my second visit to Blakemore & Mitsuki since it joined Ally Law last year and we have found specific areas for co-operation. As well, we were able to look ahead to the forthcoming Ally Law Asia Pacific Regional Meeting in Perth towards the end of October and consider issues we would like raised there.

“This trip also allowed me to catch up with some of our clients in a series of meetings which proved useful and informative. I’m a firm believer in face-to-face discussions whenever possible and so this business trip was certainly worthwhile.”

Boase Cohen & Collins is Hong Kong’s sole representative in Ally Law, which comprises more than 60 firms in over 40 jurisdictions. Mr Cohen is a past President of Ally Law’s parent organisation, the International Alliance of Law Firms.