London, 30 May 2018: Overseas counsel remain an integral part of Hong Kong’s vibrant and independent legal scene and have much to contribute both in and out of the courtroom, says Boase Cohen & Collins Senior Partner Colin Cohen.

Mr Cohen made his comments in a wide-ranging presentation to senior and junior counsel at Doughty Street Chambers, one of the most prominent sets in London.

His talk, entitled London to Hong Kong: the Silk Road, outlined Hong Kong’s judicial system, the process by which overseas counsel can apply for ad hoc admission, and the efforts being made by London chambers to establish a footprint in the territory, including setting up offices and taking part in legal seminars.

“The key points to remember are that the Hong Kong legal system remains robust and independent and there will always be demand for skilled overseas counsel. If you fulfil the Hong Kong Bar Association criteria, ad hoc admission is relatively straightforward. Also, Hong Kong is a competitive market, lots of London chambers are trying various initiatives to raise their profile,” Mr Cohen told his audience.

He also drew attention to the core practice areas of Boase Cohen & Collins – particularly complex corporate crime, meaning the firm often instructs overseas counsel – and his firm’s co-operation with Doughty Street Chambers stretching back more than a decade.

The presentation included detailed analysis of the high-profile case in which pro-democracy protesters Joshua Wong, Nathan Law and Alex Chow had their prison sentences quashed by the Court of Final Appeal and a review of landmark cases involving corruption and money laundering.

Doughty Street Chambers is home to leading specialist barristers who advise and appear as advocates for clients in courts and tribunals around the world. Its core practice areas are crime, civil law, public and administrative law, international law, mediation and arbitration, frequently in cases invoking issues of human rights and civil liberties.

Mr Cohen was introduced to the audience by Geoffrey Robertson QC, founder and joint head of Doughty Street Chambers, who also presented him with an autographed copy of his latest book, Rather His Own Man, at the end of the talk.

“It was a good opportunity to meet friends old and new and further cement our excellent working relationship. I must thank everyone at Doughty Street Chambers for making me so welcome,” added Mr Cohen.