Mexico City, October 2021.- CDA Abogados, through its partners Luis Cervantes and Alejandro Díaz Steta, acted as legal counsel to PCH Servicios Financieros in a financing for an amount up to $ 75 million Mexican pesos from Altum Capital.

Altum Capital, an outstanding Mexican credit fund completed the structured financing granted to PCH Servicios Financieros, S.A.P.I. de C.V., SOFOM, E.N.R., a Mexican company dedicated to lending, leasing and factoring to small and medium-sized enterprises.

As a part of the Financing, it was necessary to implement an administration and source of payment trust, together with a management agreement, to serve as an alternative payment mechanism.

The matter was challenging given that the first disbursement of the Financing took place simultaneously to the execution of the principal documents; therefore, it was necessary to implement all the necessary actions and conditions to achieve such disbursement on time.

Pursuant to the foregoing and for the purposes of the first disbursement, it was necessary to implement an assignment agreement, by means of which certain required collection rights were assigned.

In addition, it was necessary to execute a non-possessory pledge agreement, by means of which the assets subject to the lease agreements, whose collection rights were assigned, were pledged.

Other firms involved: González Calvillo

About PCH Servicios Financieros

PCH Servicios Financieros, S.A.P.I., de C.V., SOFOM, E.N.R., is a 100% Mexican company, born as a result of the experience, dedicated analysis and effort of a group of people concerned about the economic situation in Mexico, facing the challenge of being in front of a population of more than 110 million inhabitants, in a potential market of 65 million of people, where the Bank does not present immediate credit services, nor the capacity to cover all the credit demand of the market.

About CDA Abogados

Is a team of lawyers, lead by Luis Cervantes and Alejandro Díaz Steta, with a modern approach that intends to break the static mold that normally characterizes the legal practice in Mexico, representing their clients in diverse matters of transactional and litigious nature, offering dynamic and efficient solutions.

CDA´s main practices are (i) civil and commercial dispute resolution (litigation and arbitration), with a highly specialized emphasis on the resolution of transactional and corporate disputes, as well as attention to legal proceedings in constitutional and administrative courts; (ii) corporate, normally related to cross-border and local M&A transactions, corporate governance, and corporate and financial restructuring; (iii) debt and equity financing; and, (iii) diverse real estate transactions and operations.

About Altum Capital

Altum Capital operates as an investment advisor. The Company provides investment advisory services to pooled investment vehicles operating as private investment funds.