Hong Kong, 30 March 2017: Boase Cohen & Collins can offer enhanced legal services to Hong Kong’s rapidly growing French population now that it has established formal links with one of the most prestigious law firms in Paris, says BC&C Senior Partner Colin Cohen.

Alerion Avocats, a 65-lawyer, full-service firm, has become the newest member of Ally Law, the global legal services organisation in which BC&C is Hong Kong’s sole representative.

“We are delighted to welcome Alerion Avocats to the Ally Law family, they are an excellent addition to our organisation,” said Mr Cohen. “A significant number of our clients have legal, business and personal interests in France, so this is welcome news.

“As well, it means we can aim to expand our client base. According to the French Chamber in Hong Kong, the number of French citizens in our city has doubled in the past decade. It is estimated that the French community here now numbers at least 25,000 people, almost half of them young professionals.

“There are about 800 companies in Hong Kong which are either partially-owned or led by French people, among them 315 subsidiaries of French companies, employing some 33,000 workers and generating about HK$120 billion in revenues annually.”

Alerion Avocats has notable expertise in tax, mergers and acquisitions, real estate and litigation and in the pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, digital business, aerospace and sports industries.

Ally Law now comprises more than 60 independent law firms in over 40 countries. With close co-operation between members, the organisation helps clients overcome their international legal and business challenges.