Hong Kong, 19 April 2017: To further enhance the comprehensive range of legal services offered to clients, Boase Cohen & Collins now utilises the InvApp, a state-of-the-art litigation data solution supplied by UK-based legal technology company Glide Consultants.

The application, which continues to be used in countless major cases, embraces advanced technology to improve management of the legal process.

“We are delighted to team up with Glide Consultants to take advantage of the multiple benefits of using the InvApp,” commented BC&C Senior Partner Colin Cohen. “It is an invaluable solution to manage, access and analyse extensive and complex case files.”

Glide Consultants developed the app in-house as a result of their work with legal teams involved in complex cases. During this process the software was known as the Investigative Analysis Application – since shortened to the InvApp.

Mr Cohen added: “As in other professions, technology is transforming the legal sphere and law firms need to adapt and keep pace. In this instance, the InvApp offers us more effective and efficient case management, thus giving our clients an even greater litigation advantage.”