November 2020

Angola | Mining - Corporate Social Responsibility In Lunda South Province

The Lunda South Provincial Government released a memorandum voicing the intentions of his Government and Endiama – E.P.’s Board of Directors in relation to corporate social responsibility (“CRS”) actions to be implemented (“Memorandum”).

The Memorandum results from the public consultation of the local community and lists the main CSR activities to be carried out by Endiama and the mining companies operating in Province as a contribution to the social development of the local communities. To that effect, the Lunda South Government plans to create a Provincial Management Fund for Sustainable Development (FUGEPRODES).

The Memorandum lists 42 CSR activities and commitments organized in 12 key sectors: (i) health, (ii) education and technical and professional training, (iii) employment, (iv) agriculture, livestock and fisheries, (v) industry and trade, (vi) transport, (vii) environment, culture and tourism, (viii) energy and water, (ix) infrastructure, (x) mining companies registered offices, (xi) information and communication technologies and (xii) law and citizenship.

By way of example, mining companies are expected to set-up their registered offices in Saurimo, employ a minimum of 80% of the residing young adults, give preference to local services providers, fund the development of water and power networks and grids, sponsor the acquisition of medicines and medical care equipment, just to name a few.

Further guidelines on the FUGEPRODES is awaited at any time.